Ok so we are bREAST-O-SAURUS, WERE 2 kids in highschoolwho like music, and we like Nirvana, we play Grunge straight out of Seattle(Pleasanton) and we use our studio(alexs garage) to practice and record. Pauls laptop is named Bessie(ok...)and she helps us out alot, she makes us a band kinda, she records, and edits, and Paul will someday marry her. Paul has his solo project(Soup in a Box) and alex has been in many bands including SOLD, Suicidal Sqiurrels, and Freedom Fall(paul was in FF also). Breast-o-saurus was kind of a one day band, we picked the name, made a myspace, and recorded our first song in one day, so bassically we are awsome.But, yah on a more serios note, our name is Breast-o-Saurus, so heres the Story.... We were hanging out in alexs garage when we decided to start a new band cuz we hadnt had one i a while, so we went to look for a name on band name and they all sucked, exept for Playdoh police, which we used as a song title, but then being the smart guy alex is, thought it would be funny to go on boob name generator. com which was one of the links off the page we were on(we were using Bessie) so they were all hillarios, but the best one was BREASTOSAURUS, so it stuck! The End, So bassically, it was alex's poor humor that gave us the band name of the century. Yah, so alex Plays an 18 piece Pearl Export Series Black Drumset(NO JOKE), has a yamaha keyboard, a BC Rich bass, a Beringher guitar(shit!) , a Jasmine Acoustic Guitar, A Yamaha Sousaphone, Pauls Slammer Guitar and a Nady P.A. System. its a pretty good set up if i do say so my self. His Garage is lined with hundereds of Band Posters, and Knick naks that he collects (junk is fun!) plus a few broken guitars...

Ok so the Band is......Alex:The Drums, The Voice, The Bass, The Tuba, The nirvana enthusiast,and some guitar and Keys.

And Paul:The Genius, The Guitar, The Keys, The Computer, Some Drums, and interpritave Dance.

On behalf of The band: We would like to Thank You for taking time out of your incredibly boring lives to read this incredibly boring Biography of Breast-o-saurus, The Band of a life time.